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Why the Timely Nomination of the Supreme Court Justice is Critical

Historically, the average number of days took to nominate and confirm a supreme court justice was 67 days, and the longest time it took to nominate the justice Clarence Thomas was 99 days. President Obama still has 10 months left in the office, and we must nominate a qualified Supreme court justice in the vacant position soon. It is our responsibility to remind the senate to accept the hearing for the White House nomination.

A lot is at stake as for making sure that the nominated justice has the right qualification and experience to interpret the constitution. We shall nominate a justice with unbiased political views, of course. We are in a changing economy, in terms of new technology and interpreting constitution related to intellectual property cases. The nominated judge must be able to interpret the constitution in a manner that the rights of people are protected in new fronts (e.g. social media) and the data of online users are protected from access by hackers and non law-abiding large corporations, especially corporations outside of the jurisdiction of the United States.

In the areas of hard science, we must make sure that the new dynamics of the supreme court understand clearly the premise of entrepreneurship and the foundation that the nation was founded by the forefathers, and sides with interpreting law in the manner that leadership in innovation and entrepreneurship stays within the domain and the best interest of the United States; which means interpreting the constitution in the manner that courageous entrepreneurs have no shadow of doubt and are clear about the regulatory framework - empowering entrepreneurs to focus on their core innovation and services, without getting distracted by the unknown and uncertain regulatory infrastructures. In other words, the new nominee must be aware and shall be able to focus on recognizing the effort to foster entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystems, without posing even the slightest chance for entrepreneurs to be misconstrued by the ambiguity stemming out of highest court in the land.

At the core we have eight justices in the Supreme Court. It is not acceptable to leave a SC bench vacant at this crucial time for the entire year. The senate must act soon to hear the nomination.

The Senate has never taken more than 125 days to vote on a successor from the time of nomination; on average, a nominee has been confirmed, rejected or withdrawn in 25 days.

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