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​Note: For inquiries about Jay’s speaking schedule, please contact Ashley Simpson or Teri Hollis by clicking here.




09/25/12             The White House Council on Jobs and Competitiveness Round-table Panelist

01/29/13             Policy Remarks by the 44th President of the United States Barack Obama

02/15/13             Judge, Project Vesto, Nevada State-wide Business Plan Competition

05/18/13             Keynote Speaker, University of Nevada (UNLV) Graduation Reception

06/01/13             Interview with Bruce Rosenstein, veteran book editor of USA Today

                          On Drucker, entrepreneurship in the conceptual age.

04/27/13             EPIC National Leadership event ( noon - 1PM ), Gold Coast Hotel

07/10/13 Radio  Interview with

                          On social media and Corporate entrepreneurship

07/17/13 3:30      EST: Facebook, Google + hangout ( Jeffrey Hayzlett, Contributing editor, Bloomberg TV)

07/19/13 9:30      EST: Facebook, Google + hangout ( Jeffrey Hayzlett, Bloomberg TV )

07/19/13 15:00     EST: Announcement of winners: Facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Google+ hangout

08/12/13 TBD     EST: Interview, G+ video interview, online moderated blog, twitter chat

08/13/13 TBD     EST: Interview, G+ video interview, online moderated blog, twitter chat (Jeffrey Hayzlett,  

                           contributing editor, Bloomberg TV )

08/14/13 TBD     EST: Interview, G+ video interview, online moderated blog, twitter chat

                           (Jeffrey Hayzlett, contributing editor, Bloomberg TV )

08/15/13 TBD     Interview, G+ video interview, online moderated blog, twitter chat

                           (Jeffrey Hayzlett, contributing editor, Bloomberg TV )

August    Print   Interview with A-List Magazine

August    Video  TBD  Interview with IN (video/TV)

August    Web    TBD Articles, Blog posts by Keith Charles, Author, Founder of Great Documents

09/12/13 Pres      Asian Institute of Management and Technology, Kathmandu, Nepal

09/15/13 Pres      NEC Engineering College @ noon 09/15/2013

                           KU School of Management, MBA students @ noon 09/15/2013

09/16/13             Asian Institute of Management and Technology @ 12:00 AM

09/21/13 Print    Feature story, Author interview, Book section, Republica Daily (Pg 13)

October             School for Start-ups Radio, Atlanta, Georgia

10/10/13 9 PM    Interview, Downtown Podcast, Las Vegas ( (audio/video)

10/22/13 PR       Startup Nevada Launch call

10/22/13 Pres     Complimentary books for delegates: UPGlobal Summit - (Startup America, Startup

                          Weekend, Startup Digest), Iowa City, Iowa

11/20/13 10 am   Speaker, Las Vegas welcomes delegates from Kazakhstan, Mike Tyson Mansion

                          Las Vegas

11/23/13  noon  Coach/mentor Startup Weekend Las Vegas

12/12/13             1:00 PM - 4 PM  Venture Loft with Author Jay Maharjan, Henderson, Nevada

01/80/13           Venture Loft with Author Jay Maharjan, Las Vegas, Nevada (Google Hangout CES edition)

01/09/14           Speaker, Business Innovation Panel @ Consumer Electronics Show ( 12:30 PM -  

                         1:30 PM ) North Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center

02/14/14           SciTech, Henderson, Nevada. A consortium of Science and Technology                       

                         entrepreneurs, innovators - Entrepreneurship in the conceptual economy

04/28/14           Global Tech Summit ( Hosted by Microsoft )

05/06/14           Radio Interview with Warren Whitlock, Forbes top Social Media Influencer

April     2014     One Spark - Crowdfunding Festival, Downtown Jacksonville, Florida

Sep      2014      Visiting the Drucker Institute, Claremont, California ( Sept. 10 )

Sep      2014      Mentor Office Hours at Work in Progress, Downtown Project ( Sept 30, 2-4 PM)

Oct       2014     UP America Summit, Kansas City, MO ( Oct 4 - 9 ) (Representing Nevada)

Oct       2014     UP Global Mentor Office Hours ( Oct. 23, noon - 1PM, Global Crowdfunding Convention )

Oct 20  2014     Las Vegas Review Journal ( Featured an excerpt from the book in a special section )

Nov      2014      Global Entrepreneurship Week - Work in Progress - Evening with Author Jay Maharjan

Nov      2014      Venture Loft NYC

Nov      2014      Venture Loft Launch Week, Tokyo, Japan

Nov      2014      Venture Loft Los Angeles

Nov      2014      Venture Loft Nevada series

Nov      2014      Policy Remarks by President Barack Obama (Nov 21, 2014) 

            2015      TBD  Venture Loft Toronto

Jan 5    2015      Op-Ed contribution to the Review Journal Business Press (Print )

Feb      2015       Addressed  SCORE volunteers (9:30 am ) Topic ' Leadership and the Conceptual Economy '

Feb      2015      "Engaging Community Leaders" addressing the Las Vegas Metro Police Department LVMPD 

                          Leadership Series 2014/2015 Topic - 'The new Economy and Changing Roles of Leaders and 

                          Middle Managers' SWITCH Innevation Center

Mar       2015     Global Entrepreneurship Congress, Milan, Italy (Representing Nevada)

Mar 14  2015      Book Signing Event, Spring Fling Book Fair - LVCCLD -  ( 2:30PM - 4:30PM )

Apr  3   2015      Book Signing event, Castle of Books, Long Beach, California ( 4;30 PM )

Apr 15   2015     Venture Loft event - creative entrepreneurship edition / Book Signing event,

                          The Book Rack Bookstore, Arcadia, California ( 4:30 PM - 7PM)

Apr 16   2015     Panelist, Round-table hosted by President Obama's Cabinet secretary Maria Contras -Sweet

Apr  25  2015     Book Signing event, Books or Books, Las Vegas ( 1PM - 3PM )

May 1    2015     Book Signing event, A Castle of Books, Long Beach, California ( 4;30 PM )

Jun  27  2015     Book signing event, The Writer's Block, Downtown Las Vegas ( 5:30 PM - 8PM )

Sept      2015     KLAV 1230AM Las Vegas

Oct  17  2015     Book signing event, Vegas Valley Book Festival, Las Vegas, Nevada ( 10:00 AM - noon )

Jan  19  2016     Book Launch event for FUBU founder Daymond John/ Official Brand Ambassador, Harlem, NYC

Jan  20  2016     Book stores, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Apr  26  2016     Nevada Entrepreneurship Panel Discussion, UNLV

May 22  2016     Official PartnerNanoTech 2016, Washington, DC ( May 22 -25, 2016 )

May 26  2016     The Capitol Hill, Washington, DC (Meeting with the Democratic Leader of the Senate Harry Reid)

Oct  16  2016     Global Crowdfunding Convention, Hotel Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas (  1:30 PM: Crowdfunding

                          in the non-profit sector )

Feb 16  2017      (TBD) 2017 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit, Jerusalem, Israel.

Apr  19 2017      Induction to: National Honor Society of Public Affairs and Administration

                          (By Dean Jack Knott, USC Sol Price School of Public Policy)

May 11 2017       Master of Leadership, University of Southern California (USC) 

                          (As a part of cohort 9, USC Sol Price School of Public Policy)

May 14 2017      Official Partner, Nanotech 2017, Washington, DC ( May 14 -17, 2017 )

May 17 2017      The White House, Washington

Oct  13 2017      Outstanding Alumni Award, Pittsburg State University

Nov  10 2017      Judge, Tech Stars Startup Weekend, Kathmandu University

Jun  20, 2019      Guest Lecturer,  Cognitive theories related to new venture management, Cal State LA

July 25, 2019      University of Southern California (USC) Leadership Summit, Los Angeles, CA (3:00 PM - 7:00 PM)

Mar  4, 2020      Nominated as candidate Ready To Lead®  by New American Leaders

Aug 14, 2020      Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Defense, University of Southern California (USC) (Committee:  

                           Dr. Jennifer Philips, Dr. Helena Seli, Dr. Lawrence O Picus)

April 16, 2021     Doctoral Dissertation Defense, University of Southern California (USC)

                           Research: Management Practices of Social Wealth Funds

May 23, 2021       University of Southern California Doctoral Commencement Ceremony, LA Colosseum

May 21, 2022       University of Southern California Doctoral Hooding Ceremony (Chair: Dr. Helena Seli)

April 26, 2023    The Capitol Hill (US-India Defense Summit), Washington, DC

June 11, 2023       Foreign Policy for America Summit, Washington

June 13, 2023      The Capitol Hill, Washington

July 27, 2023       The U.S. State Department, Washington




















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