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Maharjan nominated as a candidate "ready to lead" by New American Leaders

March 4, 2020

Washington, DC - Maharjan was nominated as a candidate Ready To Lead® by New American Leaders program.

New American Leaders is leading a movement for inclusive democracy by preparing first and second generation Americans to use their power and potential in elected office.

Maharjan to receive 2017 Outstanding Alumni Award from his undergraduate alma mater PSU

October 13, 2017

Pittsburg State University (PSU) has selected Jay Maharjan to receive 2017 Dr. Kenneth K. Bateman Outstanding Alumni Award. Maharjan said, "I am honored and deeply humbled by the selection. I am grateful for the invaluable education and leadership lessons I learned at Pitt State." Maharjan will be returning to campus on October 12-14, to receive the award during the PSU Homecoming Weekend.

Maharjan visits the OSTP Leadership at the White House

May 17, 2017

Washington, DC. Jay Maharjan visits with OSTP leadership at the White House. Maharjan said, "It is an honor and a privilege to get an invite from the leadership at the White House. At Explore Nano, we are passionate about our purpose-driven work - to coalesce leaders from all sectors of science and technology ecosystems. This meeting is important, and a motivating milestone." The White House Office of Science and Technology was established by the Congress within the Executive Office of the President, to provide the President with advice on the scientific, engineering, and technological aspects of the economy, national security, homeland security, health, foreign relations, the environment, and the technological recovery and use of resources, among other topics.

Explore Nano partners with 2016 Nanotech National Summit in Washington, DC.

April 1, 2016

Washington, DC. Explore Nano collaborates with 2016 Nanotech National Summit to form an official partnership. Explore Nano is an equity crowdfunding platform under development - to help foster nanotechnology startups focusing on cure and preventive measures to tackle cancer and diabetes global epidemics. "TechConnect is a critical event on nanotechnology that brings subject matter experts, hard science entrepreneurs and federal agencies to collaborate to explore solutions. Cancer and diabetes take millions of lives around the world. We are excited and grateful to have received this opportunity for a partnership.", Maharjan said.

Maharjan joins the Global Crowdfunding Convention Board of Advisers

March 1, 2016

Las Vegas, Jay Maharjan joins the Global Crowdfunding Convention Board of Advisors. Global Crowdfunding Convention is the leading crowdfunding convention in the world. "I am honored by the invite to join the board of advisors. Crowdfunding is destined to be the defining fund raising mechanism for entrepreneurs of this generation. This process is transparent and democratic, and along the way offers a viable platform for entrepreneurs to raise capital and pursue purposeful endeavors."

Maharjan meets with the Democratic Leader of the US Senate

May 16, 2016

The Capitol Hill, Washington DC. Maharjan meets with the Democratic Leader of the US Senate Harry Reid. Senator Reid is also the senior senator from the great state of Nevada. Maharjan said, "Senator Reid has been instrumental in offering my team support, while we successfully brought the region for the White House initiative Startup America - in the great state of Nevada. I am appreciative of the Senator's thoughtfulness."

Maharjan partners with Daymond John

Oct. 26, 2015

New York city, New York. Maharjan received an invitation from Daymond John to partner as an official brand ambassador. Daymond John is known for founding FUBU, the multi-billion dollar fashion brand; and, for recently serving as the Global Entrepreneurship Ambassador under President Obama. Daymond John is also the investor in the popular ABC television show Shark Tank.


Las Vegas Review Journal Features Maharjan and Winning Lessons

Oct 22, 2014

Las Vegas, Nevada. Las Vegas Review Journal Business Press has featured an excerpt from Maharjan's book. Las Vegas Review Journal is the largest circulated newspaper in the state of Nevada. Here is the link.

Maharjan will be mentoring entrepreneurs at the Third Global Crowdfunding Convention

Oct. 23 , 2014

Las Vegas, Nevada. Maharjan will be on hand to mentor entrepreneurs and businesses at the 3rd Global Crowdfunding Convention, to be held at the Westin Resort in Lake Las Vegas. Maharjan will be mentoring as a part of the UP Global Office Hours at the GCCB. "Crowdfunding is going to be an important component in strengthening entrepreneurial ecosystems around the world. I am honored by the invite to help support the leaders in the field.", said Maharjan.

Maharjan to lead Nevada at 2015 Global Entrepreneurship Congress


Maharjan to represent Nevada ( as a part of the US delegation ) at the Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Milan, Italy. Maharjan shared state-wide entrepreneurial activities taking place in Nevada during GEC President's visit at the UP Summit in downtown Las Vegas. Las Vegas hosted over 500 International UP Global delegates from 73 delegates this year. "I am honored by the GEC President's invite to be a part of the US delegation. I am excited to share the Nevada story with the delegates from around the world in Milan.", said Maharjan

Maharjan to represent Nevada at the 2014 UPAmerica Summit in Kansas City


Maharjan has been recognized and invited as the UPGlobal leader to represent Nevada at the 2014 UP America Summit to be held in Kansas City, Oct 4 -9. Previously, Maharjan was invited to lead the Nevada delegation at the 2013 UP America Summit in Iowa and was one of the early Startup America leaders present at the Startup America Summit in Phoenix, Arizona - the event, followed by a series of meetings led to the formation of UP Global after merging Startup America partnership, Startup Weekend, Startup Digest and NEXT.Startup America Partnership was the White House launched initiative, and as highlighted in the White House Council on Jobs and Competitiveness report was one of the six Public-Private partnerships that mobilized $ 1 billion in business resources to help as many as 100,000 startups in the US. UP Global is the State Department partnered initiative to foster entrepreneurship in 1000 cities around the world by 2016.

Maharjan joins Tap.in2 Board of Advisors


Santa Monica, CA - Maharjan joined the board of advisors of Tap.in2. "I am honored by the invite to officially join the distinguished group of advisors. I am a big sports fan, and look forward to joining this amazing team. I look forward to being of value and contribute towards helping the company become a world class organization, serving sports fans around the world." Maharjan said. ( Update: In Feb 2016, Fast Company named Tap.in2 one of the top 10 most innovative startups in the sports category ).

Winning Lessons featured by LinkedIn in the 'Big Ideas and Innovation' and 'Economy' categories


LinkedIn featured an excerpt of 'Winning Lessons for Entrepreneurs in the Conceptual Economy'  in it's  'Big Idas and Innovation' and 'Economy' categories, raising a healthy dialogue between traditional knowledge workers and other facets of the workforce, including the fast rising (in numbers) millenials. "We are witnessing the arrival of a new economic model that we have yet to understand fully. We need to be asking right questions and assessing new opportunities and challenges with an open mind.", Maharjan said.

Maharjan Advocates for $10 million Rural Broadband Incubator in Nevada

March 5, 2015

As a part of the Rural Broadband Experiments Connect America Fund, Maharjan advocated for the $10 million Rural Broadband Incubator in Nevada. The letter written to the Federal Communications Commission by Maharjan was made public on the FCC website. Maharjan believes, "High bandwidth Internet connectivity in rural areas is critical to foster state-wide entrepreneurial initiatives, including in the areas of ecology, mobile health and agricultural commerce. We challenge forward-thinking entrepreneurs, investors in the state - to coalesce for this purposeful endeavour."

Maharjan Addresses the Las Vegas Metro Police Department (LVMPD) Leaders

Feb 2015

Las Vegas. Maharjan received an invite to speak at the Las Vegas Metro Police Department Leadership series. Maharjan was invited under "Engaging Community Leaders" series. Maharjan served  as the Nevada state wide leader and a region champion for the White House initiative Startup America Partnership under President Obama. Maharjan expressed, "It is an honor and a privilege to address the commissioned leaders from the Las Vegas Metro Police, the US Air force, and the city of Las Vegas."

Radio interview on Conceptual Economy

May 16, 2014

Las Vegas, Maharjan talked about Conceptual Entrepreneurship, the state of entrepreneurship in Nevada on the radio show hosted by Warren Whitlock. Warren is the author of the best selling book Billions Rising. Warren was named by the Forbes magazine in 2013 as the top 10 influencers in social media. Here is the link.

Venture Capital Forum at CES

Jan 30, 2014

Maharjan spoke at 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held at Las Vegas Convention Center on Jan 9, 2014. The panel was hosted by a senior editor at TechCrunch, and participated by prominent venture capitalists. Maharjan talked about the 'art of being found' and offered tips for entrepreneurs to succeed in the new economy.


12-20-2013 - Maharjan was interviewed by ALIST, .Here is the link.ALIST Magazine is a non-profit quarterly publication dedicated to bringing mainstream attention and interest to Asian American leadership and excellence.


Winning Business model for the 'Conceptual Economy'

Oct 3, 2013

Maharjan has been invited to speak at 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to be held at Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas on Jan 9, 2014. CES is the largest consumer electronics show in the world, with over 140,000 attendees visiting from around the world. Maharjan will be speaking on the topics related to startup ecosystem, entrepreneurship and venture capital.

Startup Nevada sets agenda for bold ideas for the Silver State

Startup Nevada highlights 3 big ideas for the Silver state. Minority and women led initiatives, supporting nano tech and expanding rural broadband initiatives top the list.

Winning Business model for the 'Conceptual Economy'

Aug 12, 2013

In his book, "A veterinarian's Guide to Financial Planning", Paul H. Sutherland has included Jay's tips to writing business model for the 'Conceptual Economy'. In 'Winning Lessons', Maharjan has dedicated a chapter elaborating on these principles.

"Winning Lessons" is innovation gospel: Jeffrey Weber

Aug 12, 2013, Chicago

Jeffrey Weber, a successful entrepreneur who positioned his company for sale to a Fortune 100, gave strong endorsement for Jay's book and the 'new conceptual economy' that Maharjan is introducing in his book.

" Jay bridges the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds by introducing the new conceptual economy, which is set to consume all organizational growth. If you’re not aware of this movement, you’re sure to be left behind. “Winning Lessons” is innovation gospel. Organizations who fail to adopt a process to nurture innovation will find themselves wondering who their new competitors are that seemed to have emerged overnight."

 - Jeffrey Weber, Serial Entrepreneur & author of From Idea to Exit: The Entrepreneurial Journey

Maharjan meets with President Barack Obama

Jan 29, 2013

As per the invite from Patrick Hidalgo, Director of the White House Business Council, Maharjan attends President Obama's policy speech, and meets with the 44th President of the United States.

Maharjan is passionate about supporting socially conscious works of art

Sept. 15, 2012

Jay is passionate about supporting socially conscious works of art. In 2012, Jay contributed to be a part of the producing team of a Nepali feature film HIGHWAY. The movie was co-produced by Danny Glover and made it to 2013 Berlin International Film Festival. HIGHWAY has been reviewed by The New York Times, Variety and was showcased at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA).

Jay Maharjan on social media

July 16, 2013, New York City

Jeffrey Hayzlett, editor at Bloomberg Television is hosting a series of social media activities for Jay Maharjan's book, "Winning Lessons for Entrepreneurs in the conceptual economy". Here is the schedule:


07/17/13 3:30   EST: Facebook, Google + hangout

07/19/13 9:30   EST: Facebook, Google + hangout

07/19/13 15:00 EST: Announcement of winners: Facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Google+ hangout

Maharjan offered advice to the White House Jobs council

Sept 25, 2012

Maharjan served on the White House Council on Jobs and Competitiveness Roundtable panel, hosted by Don Graves, the Executive Director of the President’s Council on Jobs, and Danielle Evers, Associate Director of the Council Danielle Evers.

Participation in social interactive events, hosted by Bloomberg Host

July 16, 2013

Las Vegas, Jay Maharjan will be on Facebook and Google + hangout with Jeffrey Hayzlett, contributing editor for Bloomberg Television answering your questions on 07/17/13 3:30 EST and 07/19/13 9:30 EST. Jeffrey Hayzlett has featured Jay's book, "Winning Lessons for entrerpeneurs in the conceptual economy" as the theme for various social media interactive events that he has planned for this week.

Jay Maharjan on building a conceptual business model

July 14, 2013

Lakewood, Colorado - Jay Maharjan was quoted by AAHA and Paul Sutherland in his book endorsed by AAHA. The book featured Jay's "critical steps to writing a business model". Critical steps to writing a business model is a no-nonsense chapter in "Winning Lessons for Entrepreneurs in the conceptual economy".

Jay Maharjan on Entrepreneurship, Drucker and pragmatic assessment of the current state of Social media

July 9, 2013

Las Vegas - Jay Maharjan will be on the blogtalkradio show hosted by Michelle Price, today at 11 am PST. Jay will be discussing, among other topics, the clear role of social media in the conceptual age. Listener call-in number: (347) 215-6921

"Winning Lessons for Entrepreneurs in the Conceptual Economy" featured as the 'Book of the Month' by Hayzlett Book Club

June 26, 2013

New York City - Hayzlett Book Club nominated 'Winning Lessons for Entrepreneurs in the Conceptual Economy' as the 'Book of the month' for July, 2013. The books featured in the month of July included noteable NYT best selling authors. "I am honored to be chosen as the book of the month. Jeffrey Hayzlett has shared my values and thinking ( via his own best selling books: The Mirror Test and Running the Gauntlet) that corporations as we have come to know are changing and it is essential for workforce to adopt these changes before the old models will go the way of dianosaur", said Jay Maharjan.

Jay Maharjan Q&A on Drucker, Entrepreneurship and the Conceptual Age: By Bruce Rosenstein, USA Today Columnist, Author,"Living in more than one world"

June 07, 2013

Washington, DC - Bruce Rosenstein, a Book columnist for USA Today for over 21 years, conducted a Q&A with the author Jay Maharjan. Maharjan spoke on Drucker, Entrepreneurship and the conceptual age. Here is the direct link to the post.

Jay Maharjan quoted by College of Canyons for his views on conceptual thinking and the importance of combining Art and business education

May 1, 2013

Santa Clarita, CA - Jay Maharjan was quoted by College of Canyons while starting their first of its kind curriculum combining art and business education. Maharjan offered advice to the founding committee who initiated the innovative curriculum.

Jay Maharjan's leadership role during the Open Source Innovation Era

Add Date here

Jay started his entrepreneurial career in 2001 with one of his earlier companies selected as THE 'start up' company that was ahead of its time - to embrace risk-taking in open-source innovation.

Jay Maharjan created the Entrepreneur Television series

Add Date here

Jay produced and hosted over 20 entrepreneur television series that aired on the national and regional media outlets. Jay's noteable exclusives included the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame interview with the legendary artist Bobby Womack, the artist considered by many as one of the pioneers of soul music.

Jay Maharjan contributed to bring the Nike sponsored second largest Track & Field event in Los Angeles


Jay contributed to bring the second largest track and field event. Carl Lewis is the 9 time gold medalist and the athlete named by the Sports Illustated as the 'Olympian of the century'. The event included a large participation from the inner city youth.

Ideation to Production in Seven steps

May 1996

As a young intern, Maharjan came up with an entrepreneurial solution for a massive recall project that saved Chrysler millions. Maharjan presented this innovation concept at 1997 ANTEC conference. Maharjan credits his entrepreneurial drive to his internship days at Chrysler where he learned the power of inqusiitiveness and being resourceful.

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