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International Sovereign Wealth Funds

According to the SWF Institute (2019) report, Norway leads the group of SWFs, with $ 1.09 trillion in assets under its management. Kuwait Investment Authority, founded in 1953, is considered one of the early large-scale SWFs (SWF Institute, 2019). As per the following graph, all top 10 SWFs based on asset size are based outside the United States.

Largest Social Wealth Funds (in billion U.S. dollars)

Norway Government Pension Fund Global (1,098.82)                                     China Investment Corporation (940.6)
Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (696.66)
Kuwait Kuwait Investment Authority (
Hong Kong Monetary Authority (509.35)
Singapore GIC Private Limited (440)
China National Council for Social Security Fund (437.9)
China SAFE Investment Company (417.84)
Singapore Temasek Holdings (375.38)
Qatar Qatar Investment Authority (328)


Source. SWF Institute, 2019


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