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" .....a brilliant thinker changing the world "


- John Nosta, Contributor,


"A champion for entrepreneurs, Jay Maharjan's new "Winning Lessons for Entrepreneurs in the Conceptual Economy" is a must for everyone."


- Jeffrey Hayzlett, Contributing editor,

Host of C-Suite, Bloomberg TV

"Jay's enthusiasm for using entrepreneurial stories as a means of inspiration... is infectious!  You'll not regret the time spent finding a catalyst for your business in these pages! "     


- Dave Courvoisier, Emmy Award Winning CBS TV anchor



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“Winning Lessons” is innovation gospel.


 - Jeffrey Weber, Serial Entrepreneur, Author of From Idea to Exit


"Immensely worth reading, especially for all of us, innovators-Glass thinkers and novelty entrepreneurs!"


- Dr. Rafael Grossman,

Trauma Surgeon, TED Speaker

" Thoroughly enjoyable read, definite recommend. 'Winning Lessons' offers readers fresh perspective on entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs from all walks of life, including medical innovators can benefit from the questions raised in this book."


- Robin Farmanfarmaian, Founding Executive Producer, FutureMed, President & Trustee, San Francisco Ballet

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Dr. Jay Maharjan is an author, entrepreneur, policy adviser and a community leader. Maharjan served as a region champion and the state-wide leader for the White House initiative Startup America Partnership under the 44th President of the United States Barack Obama. Maharjan led the South West region, and contributed towards major business legislation of this generation, including the JOBS Act. Later, Maharjan was appointed to serve as the ambassador for UP Global, the State Department-partnered non-profit initiative formed to foster entrepreneurship in more than 110 countries.


Inspired by his personal mentor Peter Drucker, Maharjan has dedicated his life to advocate for purposeful research, social entrepreneurship and community leadership. With a unique background in engineering, art, education, management and public policy, Maharjan is singularly qualified to lay out the clear challenges and opportunities that both entrepreneurs and the workforce will encounter in this new economy. Maharjan has received rave reviews for his first book. Maharjan continues to lend his expertise at major conventions and media outlets including CES, BBC, The LA Times, The Las Vegas Review Journal and Fast Company .


Maharjan received his doctorate and masters degrees from the University of Southern California (USC). Maharjan was the recipient of the 2017 outstanding alumni award from his undergraduate alma mater Pittsburg State University.





"Winning Lessons" is full of information to help you navigate the current economic business climate. If the climate were a horse, Maharjan's book is the reigns."


- Jeffrey Hayzlett, Contributing editor, Bloomberg TV

" Jay bridges the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds by introducing the new conceptual economy, which is set to consume all organizational growth.  If you’re not aware of this movement, you’re sure to be left behind.  “Winning Lessons” is innovation gospel. Organizations who fail to adopt a process to nurture innovation will find themselves wondering who their new competitors are that seemed to have emerged overnight."



Jeffrey Weber, Serial Entrepreneur & author of From Idea to Exit: The Entrepreneurial Journey

" In-fact, Jay Maharjan has studied under the finest business minds and at a very young age has built a room full of awards and achievements with expansion and continuum."

- Dennis R. Lane, Founder of

"...and Jay Maharjan is stirring up entrepreneurship in Nevada. Read about Jay's newest thinking grounded in (Peter) Drucker."


- Dr. Andrea Goeglein, Author, TV Host

Winning Lessons for Entrepreneurs in the Conceptual Economy

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